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Meet the Team

Senior Management


Aaron FordeManaging Director /Co – Founder
After working within the education sector for over 5 years in a variety of different roles, I made it my mission to create an organisation dedicated to inspiring a generation. With the aim of making a long lasting impact to the lives of young people of all backgrounds helping them to realise their potential and what they can achieve. I feel it is our duty as role models to pass on valuable knowledge and experience to young people across the country, showing them that anything is possible through hard work, dedication and patience. It has been humbling to watch what was just an idea grow into reality and we wont stop until we have #1community across the country.
Calum DwyerManaging Director / Co–Founder

During my career working within education I became increasingly aware at the lack of meaningful and long lasting support for young people, which resulted in the creation of bespoke programmes to deliver within education settings and communities. Having grown up in an environment where there is a negative stigma attached and believing it for many years I feel it is a responsibility for me to pass on the knowledge I have gained through personal life experience and assist young people to identify they have the skills and capabilities to achieve anything they aspire.

I identified what was missing is the platform for young people to excel, with Foundations4TheFuture the vision was to create that platform. I am driven to positively effect as many young people and communities lifestyles through engagement and access to information. Creating a passionate, professional and relatable team to carry out this mission.

Meet the Core Team

Talib KhanLearning Mentor / Sports Coach

I've been working in schools for several years learning and adapting to different roles such as a learning mentor and a sports coach. Throughout my many as a sports coach I envisioned myself becoming a role model for kids through personal experiences of my own growing up. I believe that anything can be achieved with hardwork, passion and resilience as I did through my love of sports. Adapting to a new role within the company I.e. 'mentoring' I believe it is my mission to inspire and encourage the future generations to achieve their goals and aspirations. Becoming a good role model to a young person's pathway has always been my target and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Andre ShepherdMentor

After completing various stages of the education system, I realised that there was a lack of personal support for students and loved the idea of being able to help students progress. I was excited when I heard about Foundations 4 The Future and am now dedicated to making sure I do my best to help students in any way I can.

Sara Francis-Sterling Sports Coach and Mentor
After graduating, I spent 4 years in primary PE and school sport . My favourite part of the role was the pastoral side, getting to know the students and helping them to grow as individuals. This fuelled my decision to join the Foundations 4 the Future team. During my time with the company my passion for helping young people has only increased. Supporting young people and seeing them grow, develop and mould into young adults is the most rewarding way to spend each day.
Luke ShearerSports Coach and Mentor

After studying physical education at The University of Wolverhampton, I wanted to make a difference to the youth through something other than teaching. The opportunity arose to join Aaron and Calum at their new business as a learning mentor for students. In this role I strive to make a difference to these young people’s lives and aim to deliver the support and guidance that I was not afforded as a pupil but wish that I had had. As a member of the Foundations 4 The Future team, I am confident and excited as to where we are heading and the difference we are making to the youth around us.

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Foundations4thefuture is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which was formed in 2017 to empower & motivate young people of all ages to unlock their potential.