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Meet Some of Our Clients

Client satisfaction is a number one priority

Jodie Smith, Assistant Headteacher, City Academy

The impact that mentoring from Foundations 4 the Future has had on the individual students who take part in this is substantial. We have seen a change in behaviour for most of the students, a more positive attitude on the whole towards school and development of skills to improve the way in which they interact with peers and members of staff.

Kate porter, Head of Year 7 St Edmund Campion

100% of the students the Foundations4theFuture team have worked with have reported a major increase in their feelings of positivity towards school as well as an increase in their own self esteem. The team have shown huge amount of organisation, professionalism and dedication towards our students this year and for that we really want to thank you.

Katy Craig, Head of Academy, Smithswood

Foundations4theFuture began working with us in the Autumn Term 2018. Very quickly Aaron established himself as an integral part of our organisation and really began to build highly positive and productive relationships with our students, families and staff members. Aaron is incredibly skilled in working with young people, many of whom face significant challenges. Through coaching and mentoring, support and challenge we have seen a number of previously hard to reach young people beginning to turn a corner. They are becoming much more receptive to life at school and increasingly are contributing to our school community. As Head of Academy it is comforting to know that we have the support of Founadtions4theFuture; it is now difficult to envisage life at Smith’s Wood without them!

Catherine Elizabeth Ryan-Harris, Headteacher, R.Y.A.N education Academy

Foundation4theFuture is having a positive impact on the young people who attend their sessions and they themselves can see the change in their own behaviour. The latter means the intervention works nicely with other strategies used in school to engage our young people. I am pleased about working with Foundations4theFuture and I advocate that the respect to staff and young people is exemplary from their team.

Sally Coppock - PE Lead, Marsh Hill Primary School

Foundations 4 the Future came into school and delivered lessons on Fundamental Movement Skills for each of our Year 3, Year 2 and Year 1 classes. The lessons were fun and highly engaging, our children really enjoyed them. The staff that worked with the coaches all said that they had learnt an enormous amount to carry forward into their own teaching.

Foundations 4 the Future also delivered a fantastic programme of after school activities which the children loved attending.

The coaches were professional at all times with great subject knowledge and outstanding behaviour management skills.

Here at Marsh Hill, we are most definitely able to say that we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

Miss A Turnbull - Assistant Head Teacher of Behaviour and SEND, Erdington Academy

Foundations 4 the Future have been a great external agency to work with. Each member of staff quickly built relationships with key students in school whom were at risk of a permanent exclusion. These relationships have resulted in students being fully engaged in sports both during and after school, reducing anti-social behaviour at the end of the school day. Students in the previous academic year that were in the top 10 for most challenging behaviour in the school and whom worked with F4TF have all reduced their behaviour logs this year.

Foundations 4 the Future are amenable to the needs of the school and students on a daily basis, which is a huge support to students they work with.


Foundations4thefuture is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which was formed in 2017 to empower & motivate young people of all ages to unlock their potential.