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Secondary School Services

We have a dedicated team of specialists that have a great understanding of what is required to help improve pupil engagement within the education setting. We provide bespoke support programmes for hard to engage young people, which looks to get to the root of any barriers they may be facing to their development.

How We Can Support You

  • Reduce the Risk of Permanent & Fixed Term Exclusions of Students
  • Support Students Who Have Gone on A Managed Move
  • Improved Student Engagement in All Areas
  • Develop & Improve Student Motivation Towards Learning & Personal Development
  • Provide Mediation Between Students Providing Long Term Solutions to Issues
  • Early Intervention
  • Raise Aspirations of Students

Programmes & Services:

  • Impact Mentoring Programme (1-1 Mentoring Interventions) - 1 – 1 mentoring Interventions designed to support young people inside of the education setting. This programme looks to implement positive relationship building & raising aspirations, alongside goal setting & self – reflection tools that encourage the young person to make better informed decisions, leading to development & success inside & outside of the education setting. Young People are referred into the programme by Pastoral Leads, Senior Leadership Teams &/or DSL’s with a mentor being allocated to the young person upon completion of referral form. Please note – This programme has no time limit with participant progress being reviewed on a half termly basis.
  • Group Mentoring Interventions – We have delivered group mentoring sessions to over 1000 young people over the last 5 years, with the aim being to develop confidence, self – esteem & personal development within the group setting. Mentors will deliver sessions based on thought provoking topics such as youth violence, resilience, emotional intelligence, crime & urban Street gangs to get young people discussing & thinking about the paths they want to create for themselves as they grow.
  • Maximising Managed Moves - For many students & schools the managed move process fails, putting them both in a sticky situation. The options often become 1 of 2 things which are, go back to the school they are underachieving in or be permanently excluded (PX) from school. The process for a managed move is usually 12 weeks which enables our specialist team of mentors to put key interventions in place over a sustained period, allowing the student to access support through the managed move process giving them the best chance of passing & establishing themselves within a new education setting.
  • Awareness Workshops (County Lines, Knife Crime, SEMH, Resilience) – Additional Support for identified groups of young people who may be at risk of any of the related topics. Workshops usually last for no longer than a period of 6 weeks per topic. Aims of the workshops are to raise awareness to the identified young people giving them the best possible understanding of how each topic can be implemented in to their lives to support them.
  • Enrichment Day Support – The majority of schools have at least 5 enrichment days per year which are an opportunity for their students to take part in a range of activities that they wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to take part in on a school day. Our enrichment days look to provide students participating in them with opportunities around life skills, Money management, understanding how to start a business & practical sports sessions as a way to maximising engagement.
  • Assemblies/Motivational Speaking (Based on F4TF Journey) We are delighted to be able to share that we are now delivering assemblies & motivational speaking to year groups and full school assemblies detailing the journey of Foundations4TheFuture. The talks will be delivered by Managing Directors Aaron Forde & Calum Dwyer which will see them discuss their own personal journey as young people growing up & going to school in Erdington, moving on to their post school life journey & how/why they started the organisation. This is something that we have never offered before, but due to being asked many times by people to share our journey we have finally decided to offer it as a service & hope to inspire many young people from similar demographic & impoverish areas that they have the ability to create their Path2Success.
  • LAC Support – Bespoke specialist support for young people identified as a “looked after child”. The aim of the support is to provide 1 – 1 mentoring interventions that raise the aspirations, understand any previous trauma & provide strategies for independence through relationship building, regular communication & personal development.


Foundations4thefuture is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which was formed in 2017 to empower & motivate young people of all ages to unlock their potential.